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Since the beginning of mankind...

we live in a world driven by love and hate. Decisions are made based on love and hate, friendships and partnerships begin and end through love and hate. Love and hate guide and control our lives. Love and hate are often very close together. There can be no love without a small piece of hate, nor can there be hate without an emotional bond. Hate cannot exist without love and love cannot exist without hate. But what is the weighting of love and hate in our society?

We have taken on the subject of love and hate in the area of ​​social media and to analyze the behavior and reactions of Twitter users on selected topics and events. Each post represents a sentiment that reflects either love or hate. An overall social picture emerges from these individual opinions.

We want to present this with our project “Love & Hate” in a unique interactive data visualization.

How it

Twitter not only has 166 million active users a day, but also offers an open API to digitally analyze all users’ posts. This will be used in our “Love & Hate” project for selected data for visualization and evaluation.

Who hates, despises.
Those who love, respects.

What's possible?

We do not want to show love and hate between people but also show how cities or countries behave or react to certain events. Does this often result in collective thinking and do people let others carry them away? To what extent do Twitter posts reflect your own opinion? Our evaluations not only show the current user behavior but also enable long-term analyzes and forecasts.


Our message

We want to support the topic of love online!

Project description

What goes around, comes around.


How it all starts?

As a digital agency, we are out and about on social media every day. We experience all facets of the platforms and notice again and again how narrow the line between love and hate is in these networks. Unfortunately, a comment is not considered for long and is quickly written. The anonymity of the Internet does not reveal the consequences that can arise from a hate comment. So it quickly happens that discussions escalate, topics are badly talked about or people are injured.

We want to change something in this behavior and use our knowledge to influence people’s social behavior.


What we do?

Love & hate is not just a project of our agency, but an attitude. We want to set an example against hatred of all forms and at the same time spread more love across all channels.

It is also our goal to encourage users to reflect on their own posting behavior and the behavior of other users and to become aware of the consequences.

With our hashtag #liebeundhass, we are creating a community that is consciously committed to more positivity.


What you can do?

If you are going to be on social media in the future, just think about it: How could other people take my comment? Do I hurt other people’s feelings? Can I contribute something positive to a topic? The effects of a small act can often trigger a chain reaction.

And if you are not active on social media, just take the topic with you into real life. Tell your friends how much you love them, wish the person at the checkout a great day, or just give everyone you meet a smile.

Love creates more love and you will notice how you can get your own positivity back. Let’s bring more love to the world together.

The Internet does not create a new society, it only reflects our society.

Roger Pfaff, German aphorist, (* 1974)

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